Race hustling ESPN Rob Parker wonders if Robert Griffin III is a ‘cornball brother’ for having white fiancé and being Republican (Video)

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abcESPN is owned by Disney which also owns ABC. So ABC and ESPN are basically one in the same, expect ABC is propaganda news and ESPN is east coast biased sports. ESPN also has a history of racism and on air race baiting. So they lived up to their tradition today when ESPN hack Rob Parker (who is black) questioned if quarterback Robert Griffin III is ‘one of us’ and a real brother or a ‘cornball brother.’ Why does Rob Parker have doubts about Robert Griffin III’s ‘brotherness?’ It turns out that Griffin has a white fiancé and is Republican. Therefore ESPN’s Rob Parker isn’t sure if Griffin is ‘one of them.’ Remember ESPN’s ‘Chink in the armor’ slur at Jeremy Lin (then of the New York Knicks?) It’s a culture of racism at ESPN. I wonder what the cornball hack Rob Parker from the cornball network ESPN thinks about his Messiah Obama. He had a white mommy after all. Or how about Susan Rice? She’s married to an evil whitey.

Time for a boycott of all ESPN sponsors until they can this racist hack Rob Parker.