ESPN culture of racism aside from Rob Parker

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abcIf you think Rob Parker is the only ‘racist’ at ESPN, think again. There’s a culture of racism that’s been shown over the last several years at ESPN. Prior to Rob Parker’s racism and faux apology, the most recent example of ESPN’s racism was back in February when Jeremy Lin (then of the New York Knicks) was having a series of bad games. ESPN’s front page story described the Chinese-American Lin’s series of bad games as a ‘Chink in the Armor.’ Then you have ESPN hack Kevin Blackistone who compared Herman Cain to southern segregationists last year. Blackinstone made his racist statements on NPR.

On ‘Pardon the interruption’ back in 2008, ESPN’s Dan Le Batard complained about the Miami Dolphins having a Samoan, Mexican-American, and a Mormon on your team.

Then there’s ESPN Skip Bayless and racist Rob Parker debating if L.A. Clippers star Blake Griffin is white or black, because ‘he comes from a mixed marriage.’ Who gives a sh*t if Griffin is white or black or mixed or whatever? Dude can ball.

I could go on and on about ESPN’s culture of racism, but it would take forever. Lets also remember, this is the same ESPN who ‘warned’ Paul Azinger not to diss Obama on Twitter. Yet they did nothing when Kenny Mayne made his vile tweet about Sarah Palin. This is also the same ESPN that got rid of Hank Williams Jr. for daring to have his own political opinion.