Florida Democrat Bill Nelson on why Obama hasn’t done a thing to try and free Ex-Marine Jon Hammar – ‘the President has got so much else to attend to’ (video)

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obama-laughingHow in the world that Florida re-elected Bill Nelson to another six year Senate term I’ll never know. Ex-Marine who is imprisoned for NO reason in a Mexican prison and has been since August is from Florida. Senators Marco Rubio and Nelson have supposedly been trying to get the White House and State Department to get Hammar released from the Mexican jail in time for Christmas. So why hasn’t Obama gotten off his ass and pressured the Mexicans to release Jon Hammar? Because according to Bill Nelson ‘the president has got so much ELSE to attend to.’ Oh yea, like what? Demanding taxes go up on evil rich people like a spoiled rotten child? Golfing? Planning his $4 million Hawaii vacation? Watch the following video. At 2 minutes and 40 seconds watch and listen to Nelson reply to O’Reilly’s question as to why Obama hasn’t done a thing about this. Bill Nelson’s response was ‘the President has got so much else to attend to.’ Disgusting!

Jon Hammar has been in the Mexican jail since August. So neither Obama, nor Hillary Clinton could find the time to do anything about getting this man released? This really reaks and the corrupt media (aside from Fox News) hasn’t even covered it.