Jake Tapper to Obama: This isn’t your first gun massacre ‘Where’ve you been?’ (Video)

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obama_evil_eyeEvery once in awhile Jake Tapper likes to try and appear to be a fair journalists. Many conservatives are fooled by Tapper’s few flashes of actual journalism. Today was one of Jake Tapper’s few flashes, when he questioned Obama on the several massacres since his reign of terror began four years ago. Tapper questioned Obama about gun violence, with the now famous quote ‘Where have been?’ Obama appeared visably agitated by Tapper’s question, whining about how he’s had to handle the economy, the auto industry bail out etc. Obama also whined “I don’t think I’ve been on vacation’ which is a crock of bull. Obama also fails to remember his 106 rounds of golf in four years. If you average five hours per round which is typical, that’s about 530 hours of the president’s time in office on the golf course. Then of course there’s the vacations to Hawaii, Camp David, Martha’s Vineyard, etc. Check out the video of the exchange between Tapper and Obama, and watch how agitated Obama gets:

Don’t forget, Obama has a three week, $4 million tax payer funded vacation to Hawaii come up in the next few days.