ObamaCare could force Little Sisters of the Poor out of the US because of mandate

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obamacare-insertGreat job again America re-electing Obama and giving the Democrats more seats in the Senate. ObamaCare can’t be repealed and now the consequences of ‘passing the bill so you could find out what’s in it’ are starting. In under 2 weeks, taxes on EVERYONE will go up, regardless of the so called fiscal cliff. Thanks to the tax on medical devices, real estate transactions tax and medicare payroll tax, all Americans of all incomes will be hit somehow. It’s gotten so bad that the Little Sisters of the Poor could be forced to leave the US because of the ObamaCARE mandate.

“What we fear is that, if the federal government succeeds in this case, there are other areas where they could exert pressure or enact measures that could endanger our apostolate — particularly in end-of-life care and in the possible rationing of care to the elderly as a cost-saving measure.”

For the moment, however, the Little Sisters are focused more on providing health care than on fighting health-care battles. A contentious and public battle with Washington, D.C. has made some residents of their nursing homes and assisted-living facilities all over the country anxious about whether the organization will be there in years to come.

“We wish to avoid causing them any further anxiety,” Constance said.

“They are always our first concern, our employees as well.”