Well done Obama! Muslim Brotherhood Islamist Constitution with Sharia Law Wins Majority in Egypt

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obama-muslim-funnySo basically, Obama got behind a movement that kicked out a so called ‘dictator’ Hosni Mubarak in a country that didn’t live under Sharia Law or Islamist rule. Egypt was friendly to American and Israel under Mubarak. But the evil dictator Hosni Mubarak had to go according to Obama. So what does Egypt get instead? Another dictators, Mohamed Morsi who has just been given the vote on a Islamist based constitution that includes Sharia Law. Oh, and did I also mention that Egypt is now hostile towards America and Israel now? Well done Obama! You earned that $4 million trip to Hawaii to golf with dudes busted for soliciting prostitutes

Egypt’s Islamist-backed constitution received a “yes” majority in a final round of voting on a referendum that saw a low voter turnout, but the deep divisions it has opened up threaten to fuel continued turmoil.

Passage is a victory for Islamist President Mohammed Morsi, but a costly one. The bruising battle over the past month stripped away hope that the long-awaited constitution would bring a national consensus on the path Egypt will take after shedding its autocratic ruler Hosni Mubarak nearly two years ago.

Instead, Morsi disillusioned many non-Islamists who had once backed him and has become more reliant on his core support in the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamists. Hard-liners in his camp are determined to implement provisions for stricter rule by Islamic law in the charter, which is likely to further fuel divisions.