Mooch Michelle Obama to remain in Hawaii until January 6th, take separate Air Force jet back to DC costing tax payers at least $200,000

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michelle-obama-racist-uglyEveryone must sacrifice! Well, that is unless you are Michelle Obama. While the propaganda media has been tooting their horn about Obama ‘cutting his vacation short’ in order to try and look presidential on the loom fiscal cliff, Michelle Obama has decided to remain back in Hawaii until January 6th, costing tax payers a minimum of $200,000. This means Michelle Obama will take a separate jet back to DC, and continue to have her staff and Secret Service protecting her and her kids 6,000 miles away from DC. Must be nice.

President Obama will return to Washington from Hawaii Thursday while First Lady Michelle Obama and her daughters plan to continue their vacation, adding at least $100,000 and probably more than $200,000 to taxpayer costs for the excursion.

Instead of accompanying her husband home on Air Force One, Mrs. Obama will fly on her own Air Force jet at a later date and require security and staff to remain in place in Hawaii for the length of her stay, which reportedly could extend until January 6.

The White House does not reveal the price tag for the Obamas’ vacations. But an estimate can be made given several known and likely expenses.

Assuming Mrs. Obama uses the type of plane she has flown before to Hawaii, the Air Force C-40B Special Mission Aircraft, the cost of a flight from Honolulu to Washington would be about $63,000. If the C-40B must be flown out to Hawaii to retrieve Mrs. Obama, as would seem likely, the first lady’s travel costs could amount to about $126,000, assuming the jet is dispatched from Washington.