Welcome to ObamaVille – Employers took 1,759 mass layoffs in November involving 173,558 workers

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imagesHere is yet another painful, yet revealing stat from November’s job numbers that the media refuses to tell the American viewer. In November, (the last available jobs report), 1,759 employers in this country did mass lay offs of workers that totaled an eye popping 173,558 workers. With the ObamaCare penalty set to hit in just a few days, the looming fiscal cliff, and all the taxes going up on business owners come January 1st, this number might look small in the coming months. These numbers come directly from the BLS,  these aren’t just some random numbers pulled out of the air.

Employers took 1,759 mass layoff actions in November involving 173,558 workers as
measured by new filings for unemployment insurance benefits during the month, the U.S.
Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. (Data are seasonally adjusted.) Each mass
layoff involved at least 50 workers from a single employer. Mass layoff events increased
by 399 from October, and the number of associated initial claims increased by 42,385.
Mass layoff data for November reflect the impact of Hurricane Sandy on workers in
New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. In November, 413 mass layoff events were reported
in the manufacturing sector resulting in 49,169 initial claims. Monthly mass layoff data
are identified using administrative data sources without regard to layoff duration. (See
table 1 and the note at the end of this release.)