Leading from behind – Obama makes no new offer budget offer during Kabuki theater meeting with congressional leaders

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obama-faceSo does anyone still have any doubts that going over the fiscal cliff is exactly what Obama wants? He gets the raise taxes on everyone (which will happen regardless of what happens with the fiscal cliff because of ObamaCare), and get massive defense cuts, leaving this country more vulnerable to terrorists. I say, give Obama what he wants. Sure, Republicans will get the blame (they always do), but if they take a bad deal, they’s be blamed anyway when things went to sh*t. Obama with his little Kabuki theater meeting with congressional leaders today resulted in absolutely nothing. In fact, Obama didn’t even offer a new budget deal at all!



Don’t worry though. Obama has time go give pay raises to Joe Biden, Congress and other federal workers.

Even when the facts come out about Obama’s failed leadership, the corrupt media STILL tries to shill for him.