Racist! Liberal Boston Globe portrays Django Unchained playing ‘House Negro’ like Clarence Thomas, Herman Cain, Alan Keyes or Michael Steele, whom black people find ’embarrassing’

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democrat-logoI have no desire to see Django Unchained. I don’t support Hollywood crap like this. But when Jamie Foxx went on Saturday Night Live and bragged about how cool the movie is because ‘he got to kill a lot of white people,’ not an eyebrow was raised by the corrupt leftists media. Now, the movie, deemed a ‘spaghetti western’ by the left wing propaganda rag Boston Globe is trying to play up the ‘house negro’ image. Apparently, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, former Godfather’s Pizza CEO Herman Cain, and former RNC Chairman Michael Steele are considered ‘house negros’ by the Boston Globe. Oh, and also these are men that black people find ’embarrassing.’ What exactly is embarrassing with these four men? Is it because they got off the Democrat plantation?

It’s a safe bet the writer includes himself in that category. The men in question are certainly very different. Thomas is a cool, calculated legal eagle, while Cain is a charismatic talker with great business savvy. Steele is a political animal, someone well versed in the ebb and flow of the news cycle. And Keyes is a social conservative of the first order.

What does their skin color have to do with it? Tarantino isn’t directly calling the four men house Negroes. That’s Morris’ interpretation. And it’s a rather distasteful one.