2012 – NBC-MSNBC year of shame with deceptive video edits, religious bashing, lies, failed Olympic coverage, race hustling and politicizing tragedy

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nbcIf NBC’s only goal in 2012 was to re-elect Obama, then they could consider the year a success thanks to their propaganda. But their main goal is maintaining their image and turning a profit being that they are a corporation. So where do I start with NBC in 2012? How about their deceptively editing of an audio tape of George Zimmerman’s 911 to make him sound like he was a racist. Zimmerman has since filed a lawsuit against NBC, and we’ll see how that turns out in 2013. But the Zimmerman audio wasn’t the only deceptively edited audio by NBC/MSNBC. Maybe the second most known deceptive edit was when on the Mrs. Greenspan Andrea Mitchell show, Mitt Romney’s comments about WaWa stores and Hoagies to try and make Romney appear ‘out of touch.’ Other deceptive edits from NBC included Bob Costas’ interview with child pedo Jerry Sandusky. For some reason, NBC edited out Jerry Sandusky molestation comments.

How about religion? NBC and MSNBC along with other networks made big deals about Mitt Romney being a Mormon. But it seemed like every other show on MSNBC bashed Christians for daring to believe what they do. They also constantly bashed Catholics who for religious reasons didn’t agree with the ObamaCare contraception mandate. Of course who can forget NBC’s editing out of ‘under God’ during the pledge of allegiance before the start of the U.S. Open in 2011.

How about racism and race baiting? The network that employs ‘resist we much‘ Al Sharpton did plenty of this during the campaign season. As usual, anyone who disagreed with Obama was branded a racist. The whole ‘racism’ narrative was also on full display during the whole George Zimmerman story, especially when NBC edited the audio of Zimmerman to make him sound racist.

Here are just a few example of NBC and MSNBC’s race husting over the past year:
Lily white Chris Matthews meltdown – calls Reince Prebius racist, embarrasses NBC yet again (Video)
NBC’s Al Sharpton – ‘Republicans See Blacks Like Hitler Saw Jews’ (Video)
Resist we much! NBC’s Al Sharpton: GOP is at war with black people – time to fire back (Video)
MSNBC propaganda Lean Forward TV ad: Republican tax policy is like blacks at the back of the bus
MSNBC kicks out black conservative Kira Davis for having Mitt Romney sign
NBC hack Brian Williams to Mitt Romney – are you going to pick an ‘incredibly boring white guy’ for VP (Video)
Pathetic NBC – Jay Leno sexist and racist skit of ‘Rice-and-Romney’ because she’s a woman and black (Video)

Of course when it comes to Olympic coverage, NBC was the laughing stock of the world, with their lousy coverage. You can Google anything you want about NBC and their lousy Olympic coverage, which included announcing results of swimming events before NBC even televised them because of the stupid tape delay they had. I will also argue that their NHL Stanley Cup playoff coverage was a joke. Three of the seven scheduled to be on ‘NBC Sports Network,’ a channel that not everyone gets, or knows what number the channel is. They were also horrendously biased towards the New Jersey Devils, even though the L.A> Kings kicked their ass and won the cup.

Finally, when it comes to politicizing tragedy, NBC used the Rahm Emanuel/Obama doctrine of never letting a good crisis go to waste. Bob Costas went on Sunday night Football the after Jovan Belcher shot himself and his girlfriend to go on an anti-gun, anti second amendment rant. After the Sandy Hook tragedy, NBC and MSNBC has gone into over-drive on anti-gun, anti-second amendment rhetoric, politicizing the tragedy of 6 year old children for left wing propaganda.

So there you go. NBC, you are shameful. 2013 and beyond you have a chance to repair your image. It will take decades to repair the image you tarnished this year.