Fiscal cliff bill passes Senate – $15 billion in spending cuts with $620 billion in tax hikes 41:1 ratio

obama2So this is what Obama calls a ‘balanced approach’ eh? The Senate has passed the fiscal cliff bill. The bill contains a whopping $620 in tax hikes and a pitiful $15  billion in spending cuts, a whopping 41:1 ratio. I’m a bit tipsy as I type this since there’s still about an hour to go until 2013 here, but I imagine I’m not as tipsy as John Boehner. The death tax goes up, the dividend tax goes up, and those evil people and small businesses who dare make over $400,000 per year now will be taxed at 39.6% per year. Sequestration has been punted for 2 months which means we will be back at this same game in March. The bill passed the Senate 89-8. Just seven Republicans and 3 Democrats voted against this crap sandwich  The Republicans voting against the bill included: Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Charles Grassley, Mike Lee and Richard Shelby. The Democrats were Marxists Ben Cardin, Tom Harkin and Michael Bennet. Way to go Republicans! You really looked out for the American people! (That was sarcasm BTW.) This will probably pass the house tomorrow.