Weeper Boehner votes yes on tax hikes – crap sandwich fiscal cliff bill passes House 257 TO 167

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crybaby-boehnerGame Over. The Republicans in the House have caved just as expected, and the so called ‘fiscal cliff’ bill with 41:1 tax hikes to spending cuts has passed the ‘Republican’ controlled House. The Weeper or Speaker of the House who normally doesn’t vote on bills decided to push away from the scotch bottle and vote yes on the tax hikes. The media of course is in love with this, but is anyone really surprised that the Republicans caved? That’s all they ever do. So called conservative, Paul Ryan also voted yes on this crap. The final vote in the House was 257 TO 167. Just 151 Republicans voted against with 85 actually voting for the bill. Just 16 Democrats voted against the bill with 172 voting for it.

Taxes go up on ALL working Americans as the payroll tax cut is gone, those evil rich making $400,000 have their income taxed at 39.6% and sequestration is punted for two more months. I’m done with the Republicans. From now on I’m voting third party only.