Demand a plan: Hollywood ‘celebrity’ hypocrisy on gun control-violence in their movies (Video)

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bushmaster_ar15_carbineSo apparently Nanny Bloomberg put together a video and site called ‘Demand a Plan’ for more left wing anti-second amemdment propganda to try and get people to hate guns or something. Nanny Bloomberg’s group called ‘Mayors against illegal guns’ that features a bunch of Hollywood leftist hypocrites like Cameron Diaz, Paul Rudd, Jamie Foxx and Chris Rock spouting anti second amendment propaganda using tragedies like Columbine, Sandy Hook, Aurora, Virginia Tech, etc. Strangely, the video makes no mention of the Fort Hood mass shooting by Muslim terrorist Malik Nidal Hassan. Also, the video leaves out the fact that these same Hollywood leftist hypocrites appear routinely in violent, blood and guts spewing movies with GUNS. So someone put together a video parody of the ‘Demand a Plan’ propagnada called: Demand a Plan – Demand Celebrities Go F*** Themselves. The following is a ‘cleaned up’ version of that parody video called Demand a Plan: Hooray for Hollywood Hypocrisy.

If you want the ‘original parody’ just go to Youtube and search for ‘Demand a Plan – Demand Celebrities Go Fuck Themselves.’