Crybaby Weeper John Boehner re-elected as Speaker of the House for 113th Congress (Video)

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crybaby-boehner+I knew the rumors yesterday about Weeper Boehner resigning, or being voted out as Speaker were too good to be true. The Republicans yet again shot themselves in the foot by re-electing the unstable, crybaby John Boehner to be Obama’s bitch. The next two years are going to be brutal. I think the Republicans can keep the House in 2014 because of how the districts are set up as most ‘swing districts’ already swung to Democrats in the 2012 election. But Obama will have free reign over Congress for at least the next two years with Weeper Boehner re-elected.

Fifteen members on both sides of the aisle abstained or voted for someone other than Pelosi or Boehner. Nine Republicans did not vote for Boehner: Reps. Amash, Steve Pearce, Jim Bridenstine, Ted Yoho, Paul Brown, Louie Gohmert, Walter Jones, Tomas Massie, and Tim Huelskamp.

Among the alternatives mentioned were Majority Leader Eric Cantor, who got three votes; former Rep. Allen West who received two votes, and former Secretary of State Colin Powell who got one vote.

Rep. Justin Amash, one of Boehner’s most vocal critics after he lost a committee assignment for insubordination, voted for Rep. Raul Labrador. Democratic Rep. John Barrow voted for fellow Georgia Rep. John Lewis.

Former Comptroller General David Walker also received one vote, as did Reps. Justin Amash, Jim Cooper, Jim Jordan, and Rep. John Dingell.

Boehner won with 220 votes.