Fox Sports doughboy Jason Whitlock calls Thomas Sowell Django Stephen aka House Negro

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I’ll say one thing for this Django Unchained crap. It’s sure generated a lot of hate from black people. Jamie Foxx for example bragged the weekend before Newtown on Saturday Night Live who cool it was to get to kill all those white people. Now you have Fox Sports vat of fat Jason Whitlock comparing Thomas Sowell to Django Stephen aka the ‘House Negro.’ This is the same Jason Whitlock who said the NRA is the new KKK or something. Whitlock is your typical black racist, who like white trash leftists thinks that if a black man dares stray off the Democrat plantation, they are sellouts, or uncle toms, or ‘House Negros.’ Some examples of this occurred when Tim Scott was sworn in earlier today as the only black (and Republican) Senator in the United States. Thomas Sowell has authored many books over his the years and has been read by millions. Jason Whitlock has been read by left wing racists and beer bellied football fans who actually care what Whitlock thinks. Now, according to Whitlock, Thomas Sowell is Django Stephen aka a House Negro.

Also, Whitlock admits that race hustlers like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are inspirations to many black liberals. Yea, we know Jason Whitlock, you act like them.

So what’s next from Whitlock? Is he going to break out the ‘cornball brother’ slur against Thomas Sowell? Seems racist sports writers like him and Rob Parker like using these slurs when a black man dares stray from the plantation.