Hurricane Sandy Victim Scott McGrath – Obama lied to my face! (Video)

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obama-dick-in-mouthI don’t know if Scott McGrath is a Democrat or Republican, most people in that area are Democrats, but apparently, he like many other Sandy victims aren’t big fans of Obama these days. In fact, McGrath said Obama lied to his face when Obama went to New York for his little photo ops before and after the election. Since then, the only thing you’ve heard about the Sandy relief efforts are ‘relief’ bills stuffed with work for fisheries in Alaska and fat bastard Chris Christie along with the media bashing Republicans. Obama promised to cut the ‘red tape’ yet has done absolutely nothing, but as usual, escapes any sort of blame for his failures. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t really have a problem with an aid bill for the people without offsets. I have a major problem having my tax dollars pay for the unneeded, unrelated pork in the so called ‘aid’ bill.