‘National database’ on gun sales part of Obama anti-Second Amendment plans

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barrelofgunSegments of Obama’s ‘plan’ to limit your Second Amendment rights are starting to leak out. Obama plans a major plan later this month to limit or even confiscate some guns from law abiding owners. Part of this ‘new plan’ will apparently include a new ‘national database’ on all new gun sales. It also appears that King Obama wouldn’t even need Congress to do much of what he wants. The so called ‘group’ headed by idiot Joe Biden has shifted it’s focus include measures that would not need congressional approval and could be quickly implemented by executive fiat.

“National database” just might sound like “national gun registration” to some firearms activists. The concept is almost certain to be toxic to the firearms community. Fear of impending gun restrictions has fueled a buying rush across the nation, and is reportedly swelling the ranks of gun rights organizations with thousands of new memberships.