Muslim appeaser John Brennan who calls Jerusalem ‘Al-Quds’ nominated by Obama to lead the CIA

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john-brennan-ciaAs if Chuck Hagel being nominated to be Secretary of Defense wasn’t bad enough, Obama has also nominated clueless, Muslim appeaser Jhn Brennan to lead the CIA. The same John Brennan who said that 20% or so of prisoners released from Gitmo is ‘not bad’ and the same John Brennan who referred to Jerusalem as ‘Al-Quds’ has been nominated to lead the CIA. Why does Al-Quds matter? Aside from it being the Arabic translation of Jerusalem, it also refers to the al-Quds Brigades which is the armed wing of the Palestinian Islamist organization Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ). Especially active in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. The al-Quds Brigades are receive orders from the PIJ leadership in Damascus, Syria. Again, to you 69% of Jews who re-elected Obama, be very proud of yourself.