Latest ‘Republican’ on the anti Second Amendment – New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie

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fat_bastard_chris_christieThe anti Second Amendment bandwagon is loaded with bloated leftist pigs. While Chris Christie hasn’t gone Dianne Feinstein or Andrew Cuomo (yet), Christie is ‘willing to talk’ about gun laws all of a sudden. Of course, first Christie wants to do away with ‘violent video games’ and ‘substance abuse’ before getting to any gun talk. He’s hedging his bets because he knows if he fully jumps on the bandwagon, he’s officially done in the Republican party (as if giving Obama a public tongue bath before the election didn’t already decide that.) I wonder if Christie is also willing to consider ‘food abuse.’ I recently played a video game called Berzerk from 1980. You shoot robots in that game. I wonder if I’m considered high risk now?

Christie said, “In New Jersey, we have the second toughest gun laws in America already,” but suggested that restrictions on firearms are insufficient.