Bill O’Reilly destroys batsh*t crazy Hawaii Democrat Rep. Colleen Hanabusa for using Media Matters talking points to whine about Asians (Video)

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bill-oreilly_0I’ve been to Hawaii three times in my life. I never realized or saw what an absolute shithole it really is. Such high amounts of homelessness, drug epidemics, highh foodstamp dependency and other factors make Hawaii almost appear to be a mini-Chicago, without the bad weather. Oh, and you can rape a child in Hawaii and only get two years in jail. I guess the areas I stayed in were away from all the crap. Hawaii of course is as far left as any state in the country, which explains why the state is in such bad shape. It also makes sense that Obama was born there, because it’s such a craphole. The pictures portrayed on TV and the movies of Hawaii aren’t the real Hawaii. The cost of living is of course outrageously high. Gas prices are the highest in America there , and of course the taxes are high. Bill O’Reilly has a feature called ‘Waters World’ that visits leftist sh*tholes and exposes them. Jesse Waters recently went to Hawaii to expose them, and state Rep. Colleen Hanabusa took offense. Problem is the loony Congresshag didn’t see the entire report. She relied on talking points from leftist propaganda and George Soros lackey site Media Matters that made O’Reilly sound like he was against Asians or something. She demanded to be on the O’Reilly Factor and ‘respond’ to O’Reilly. Bad idea idiot, as she was exposed for being not only clueless, but a liar, who initially denied using Media Matters talking points, but eventually admitted it.

Nice hairstyle BTW ‘Colleen.’ You make very beta male. Very progressive.