Someone please explain why Fast and Furious gun runner Eric Holder has any place at all in the Biden guncontrol ‘task force?’

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eric-holder1Eric Holder’s gun running program of un-tracked guns to Mexico known as Fast and Furious has lead to the death of at least three Americans and hundreds of Mexicans. Yet, somehow, Eric Holder, the gun runner is a part of the so called Biden gun control ‘task force’ that’s looking into ways to limit your Second Amendment rights? The same Eric Holder who was DC district Attorney under BJ Bill Clinton who on tape said legal gun owners should ‘Cower’ in shame like smokers isn’t exactly an unbiased individual who is just looking out for the people. This is the same Eric Holder who in the same video said that people need to be ‘brainwashed’ against guns.

Eric Holder, not Joe Biden met with Wal-Mart this past Friday for a propaganda session. Some Wal-Mart stores still guns, but the owner of Wal-Mart is a big Obama/Democrat donor.