Typical leftist hypocrisy, Tamara Holder defends Bullet To The Head of NRA – Gets destroyed by editor of TownHall.com Katie Pavlich

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tamara-holder-foxnews-nut-jesse-jacksonRemember after the Gabby Giffords/Tucson shooting, all these batsh*t crazy leftists blamed Sarah Palin’s ‘targeted congressional districts?’ Well apparently, Fox News leftist Tamara Holder finds no problem with the new video game Bullet To The Head of NRA where you can shoot the NRA CEO president and CEO in the head and splatter blood all over the head. As usual, no leftists have come out to condemn the game either.

Lets imagine for a second if some ‘crazy’ right wing extremists released a game in the mold of Bullet To The Head of NRA, but instead used prominet leftist group heads. What do you think would happen? Oh, and Tamara Holder’s excuse for it being OK is because neither the NRA president or CEO or considered ‘public figures.’ Watch Katie Pavlich completely destroy Holder over he dumb remarks: