After signing 23 executive orders and using kids as props for gun control, Obama goes to a party for tax cheat Tim Geithner

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barack-obama-arroganceIt’s party time in DC! Obama has grabbed even more power from the citizens, and the cowardly Republicans sit on their hands and all Obama to get away with his gun grab. One thing Obama does well is party. He’s done it for four years with his Klingon wife on our tax dollars. With the inauguration this coming Monday, there will be plenty of time for parties as the Marxists will dance and drink this country into bankruptcy. So what does Obama do after his propaganda speech today? He goes to a ‘going away’ party for tax cheat Tim Geithner. BTW, at least three Americans have been taken hostage by radical Muslims in Algeria, yet Obama goes to party. Very presidential.

An anonymous White House official tells the pool reporter: “The President and Vice President are attending an event honoring Secretary Geithner at the Treasury Department this afternoon. Treasury staff and the Secretary’s friends and family will be in attendance.”