Fat ass Chris Christie bashes NRA (not Obama) as ‘Reprehensible’ and ‘Dragging People’s Children’ into gun control debate (Video)

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fat_bastard_chris_christieIt’s time for fat ass Chris Christie to officially pull his Charlie Crist and switch parties already. Despite Obama using children as propaganda to push his gun control agenda, that tubby New Jersey Governor actually bashed the NRA as  ‘Reprehensible’ for ‘Dragging People’s Children’ into the  gun control debate. Much like at the buffet line, Chris Christie must have selective vision or something. Whichever Democrat challenges Chrstie this year for NJ Gov will see donations from me.

You know, Mark Levin always bashed Chris Christie as a phony. I never understand why there was such a dislike from Levin. I knew Christie was a RINO, but that’s what you expect from snotty Northeast RINOs. Now, I can completely understand Mark Levin’s wisdom in regard to this fat bastard.