Obama 1999: votes present in Illinois State Senate on bill that would have tougher prosecution for school shooters

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goofy-hussein-obamaObama is not only a narcissist to the highest degree, he is also a flaming hypocrite. In 1999, while a member of the Illinois State Senate, SB 759 passed the Senate 52-1. SB 759 was in response to Columbine that would have made anyone 15 years of age or older charged with aggravated battery with a weapon in school or within 1,000 feet of a school. The individual 15 years old or older would be charged as an adult. Obama voted present.

That vote followed a trend for the young lawmaker, whose controversial votes on crime legislation often raised eyebrows.

A Chicago Tribune editorial even accused Obama of being a “gutless sheep” for missing a vote on crime legislation in late 1999.