Obama to pick another middle aged pasty white guy Denis McDonough to replace Jack Lew as chief of staff

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obama2Eww. Girls. Obama doesn’t like them apparently. There’s of course Janet Napolitano, but her feministic characteristics are questionable. CNN reports that Obama will pick yet another pasty white, middle aged white guy named Denis McDonough to replace Jack Lew as chief of staff. Denis McDonough is currently Deputy National Security Adviser, so that must give him the qualifications that a woman or a minority didn’t posses or something. Never again do I want to hear the bullsh*t from the left about the GOP’s war on women.

McDonough would be Obama’s fourth official chief of staff since he took office in January 2009. Rahm Emanuel, who went on to become Chicago mayor, was the first to hold the position, followed by Bill Daley, then Jack Lew. Pete Rouse, a former senior adviser and now counselor to the president, served as interim chief of staff for three months between Emanuel and Daley.

The White House announced McDonough as deputy national security adviser in October 2010.

“For years, I have counted on Denis McDonough’s expertise and counsel on national security issues,” the president said in a statement at the time. “He possesses a remarkable intellect, irrepressible work ethic, and a sense of collegiality that has earned him the respect of his colleagues.”