Chocolate City – Ex- New Orleans Democrat Mayor Ray Nagin indicted on 21 counts of corruption, including om bribery

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democrat-logoHey, I love New Orleans. I know it’s a liberal sh*thole, but I still like the place. What I don’t like are phony, race hustling, corrupt polliticans, and Ex- New Orleans Democrat Mayor Ray Nagin, previous famous for his Chocolate City quote has now been indicted on 21 counts of corrupt, which includes, but is not limited to 6 counts of bribery. As is typical for the corrupt leftist media, those who are reporting on Nagin’s indictment seem to leave out the part where he is a Democrat. If Nagan had been a Republican, you know what the headlines would be. Nagin of course was the Mayor of New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, but escaped blame, as everything was blamed on Dubya Bush.