Adam Lanza only had handguns, no AR-15 or rifles used in Newtown shooting like media and Democrats still claim (Video)

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barrelofgunWell well well. All this BS about banning ‘assault weapons’ or rifles ‘for the children’ because of Adam Lanza is nothing but a bunch of bull crap? Who would have thunk it. Originally the corrupt state run lapdog media reported that ‘the primary weapon’ used Adam Lanza during the Newtown Sandy Hook school shooting was a Bushmaster AR-15 with ‘multiple magazines.’ BS! Lanza used handguns, not rifles during the shooting. Of course it’s probably hard to hear about any of this from the media even though while NBC reported on this for a few seconds last month, you probably would have never known these as sleazy Democrats continue to use this tragedy for their gun control push. Even with this, Democrats (and other media) are still claiming to this day that Adam Lanza used a Bushmaster AR-15 during the shooting. Never, do you hear he used handguns. Makes Piers Morgan look like an even bigger dumb-ass than originally thought. Of course that isn’t hard to do. So what happens next? Democrats try to ban handguns?

As far as those Sandy Hook conspiracy theories or ‘truthers’ go, I’m not even going to get into that.