Video clips of lap dog media creaming their pants over Obama during-after inauguration staring Chris Matthews, Al Roker, Jim Acosta, Andrea Mitchell, Rachel Maddow and others

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cbs-nbc-abc-obama-logosNow that all the pomp and circumstance of Obama’s second (and final) inaugration is finally over, lets take a look back at how crazy the lap dog media acted over their Messiah Obama:

NBC’s ‘weatherman’ Al Roker Yells like a little school girl at Obama and Biden during the Inaugural Parade

Wolf Blitzer waved to Obama and Biden like a little admirer and tried to get their attention:

Another CNN hack named Jim Acosta who so giddy at the parade that he said he ‘I feel like I should pinch myself right now’

For the record, Acosta followed Romney during the campaign trial and had several snarky, nasty tweets and remarks about him.

ABC hack Bill Weir who was once a sports reporter out here asked someone if ‘the history was keeping them warm.’

Our pal Mrs. Greenspan Andrea Mitchell had her usually snobby input: ‘I Was Very Moved, Being Up There, Looking Out Over The Masses’

and last but not least, thrill up his leg Chris Matthews who compared Obama’s leftist, partisan speech to that of the Gettysburg Address:

These aren’t the only examples of the loopy media orgasms yesterday, there are plenty more. Check out Newsbusters.