Marxist Diane Feinstein uses props for ‘Assault Weapon Ban’ includes hand guns, 150+ guns included in ‘ban list’ (Video)

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feinsteinHey America! If you want San Francisco Marxists determining what your Second Amedment rights should be then you are going to love Diane Feinstein’s so called ‘assault weapons ban’ legislation. Like Obama did with kids, Feinstein and the Senate Marxist Democrats decided to use props (guns and cops) to sell their propaganda to the American people. The so called ‘Assault Weapons Ban’ even includes hand guns. In fact, Feinstein’s legislation includes banning over 150 different types of guns. I can’t wait to hear Mark Levin’s rant later today on Feinstein and the rest of the filthy Democrats again using propaganda to take away your constitutional rights. The new key word for Democrats gun control is ‘gun violence,’ be wary of this whenever you hear a Democrat use that term. Also take note that some squishy RINO Republicans have already shown signs of caving on this gun grab by the Democrats.

Molon LABE!