Associated Press – hey, why not let smokers and fat people aka health sinners die prematurely

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obama_smoke.jpgAh yes, the caring, tolerant, progressive liberal left. The Associated Press is about as left wing and Obama licking as they come when it comes to ‘news.’ They were one of the biggest backers of ObamaCARE before it was rammed down America’s throats. Leftists always talk about ‘saving’ or ‘healing’ people, but it seems like the death panel part of ObamaCARE is appealing to leftists at the AP. In an article entitled ‘Do penalties for smokers and the obese make sense,’ the AP wonders, why not just let these so called ‘health sinners’ die prematurely from their unhealthy habits? Being that Obama is a known chain smoker, are they sure they want this too happen? Obama’s ‘unhealthy’ habit doesn’t seem to affect his health, or his ideology.

Michelle Obama’s rotund rear end and shoveling down 3000 calorie  lunches hasn’t affected her health either,  as she seems to be in good shape.