Michael Bloomberg bodyguard thugs accost Jason Mattera for asking about support for gun control – gets followed by NYPD cop Stockton (Video)

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nanny-bloomberg-nazi-hitlerFrom brown shirts to gray suits. Not only was Jason Mattera accosted by Nanny Bloomberg’s bodyguards for daring to ask Bloomberg if he would have his bodyguards disarm like the rest of America, but it looks like Bloomberg even sent a cop (Stockton) to stalk Mattera after the incident took place. WTF is this? America? Or Nazi Germany? Hypocrite Bloomberg’s response to Mattera when asked if he’d have his guards disarm was ‘I’ll get back to you.’ Jason Mattera also got in a nice slam on Bloomberg when asking him if he’d like a taste of his soda. LOL!

America gets the government it deserves. New York deserves Nazi Bloomberg.