Other left wing media propaganda outlets run with deceptively edited NBC Sandy Hook father ‘heckled’ tape

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cbs-nbc-abc-obama-logosIt’s not just CNN running with NBC’s deceptively edited video of a so called ‘heckler’ of a Sandy Hook victim’s father. Here are some tweets from other left wing media propaganda outfits claiming that the father was ‘heckled’ when he never was:

Reuters Social Media editor: (I’m glad they are cutting jobs)


Mother Jones:

Current TV (or I guess I should call it Al Jazeera now)

The Sydney Morning Herald (Even in Australia)

KTLK 1150 in Los Angeles (which features idiots like Mike Malloy):


Connecticut Post:

New York Daily News:

Huffington Post:

Daily Beast/Newsweek:

Miami Herald write and Reid Report blogger

Either people are going to wake up and quit taking this bullshit from the corrupt state run media by boycotting sponsors, or you can expect more of this in the years to come. Wouldn’t it also be amazing if these same leftists had the same contempt for Code Pink hags who heckle families of dead soldiers, as they have shown for the non-existent Sandy Hook heckler? We live in a very strange time period.