Wow! Leaked e-mails show Obama regime backed chemical weapons attack in Syria to blame it on Assad

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obama-laughingBashar Al-Assad is a tyrant, he’s scum of the earth, which is why I don’t understand why the Obama regime would do this. Bashar al-Assad is an Obama ‘type’ person. New Secretary of State John Kerry even made excuses for Assad’s tyrannical ways. But it seems leaked e-mails reveal that the Obama regime signed off and Oked a chemical weapon attack on Syria. The Obama regime would then turn around and blame Assad.

And the band plays on. American reminds me of a battered victim suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. Will nothing shake America out of her Obama-induced stupor?

Obama’s tactics seem to emulate the al qaeada jihadists he is supporting in Syria.

This is evil. Imagine what we don’t know.