CBS affilliate WHIO-TV uses convicted rapist to spew anti second amendment propaganda

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cbsSo not only do media outlets deceptively edit video tapes to try and smear those who support their 2nd amendment rights, but now they are interviewing convicted rapists too support their leftist views too on banning guns? CBS affiliate WHIO-TV in Ohio went to interview an individual named Rev. Jerome McCorry, who apparently is a convicted rapist. McCorry is for gun control and CBS in Ohio was sure to interview him, failing to note the little part about him being a convicted rapist. On Twitchy, you can see that WHIO-TV responded to inquires about the rapist’s past. The CBS station says they knew of ‘controversial past,’ but they were just trying to be fair and balanced. It’s ok for CBS in Ohio to air the convicted rapist’s opposing views because he preaches ‘community harmony’ or something.’