Passing amnesty like Democrats and RINO Republicans want will add $2 trillion to cost of ObamaCARE

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doc-obama-this-is-gonna-hurtRepublicans who are foolish enough to think that simply passing amnesty and giving 11-18 million illegal aliens citizenship will win them the Latino vote are seriously kidding themselves. Until Republicans learn how to get their message out to Latinos why conservativism is much better for them than liberals, Latinos will vote Democrat in droves. The Latino media is just as corrupt as the ‘gringo’ media. Even with this, granting amnesty will add $2 trillion to the cost of ObamaCARE. Not like either Democrats or Republicans care anyway.

Adding currently illegal immigrants, via a pathway to citizenship or other means, to Obamacare would further increase those unfunded obligations by another $2 trillion, based on their calculations.

Oh, and don’t forget the doctor shortage expected by 2016 and 2022.