LOL! Gas bag Bill O’Reilly claims NBC never reported on Obama’s killing Americans with drones when they actually leaked the memo in the first place (Video)

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bill-oreilly_0Bill O’Reilly is nothing but a gas bag. A big talker who just wants to try and land interviews with his favorite Democrats like Obama. He’ll bad mouth them (and media outlets) then suck up for interviews from Obama or media personalities and toss softballs. Now that Dick Morris is gone from Fox News (thankfully), it looks like another gas bag, Blob Beckel is going to be O’Reilly’s weekly punching bag. I actually think this is a pretty good pairing. Two loudmouths who think they are important, when they aren’t. Tonight it was Gasbag Vs. Gasbag when O’Reilly discussed Obama’s kill list with Beckel. NBC, to their credit, leaked the ‘secret’ memo last night. While NBC and the rest of the leftist media (and politicians) are complete hypocrites over defending this but having cow over water-boarding, O’Reilly needs to brush up on his facts before spewing and making himself look like a bigger jackass. Tonight O’Reilly asked Beckel if NBC would ever report on this story. Umm, they did since they released the memo in the first place. This should make for some great fodder on left wing programs on MSNBC tomorow.