Racist! Bloated CNN hack Candy Crowley asks panel if they were offended that Ben Carson destroyed Obama with the truth during the National Prayer Breakfast (Video)

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candy-crowleyOh no! Dr. Ben Carson might have offended bloated Candy Crowley because he dared told the truth about Obama and society during the national prayer breakfast. You see, once Carson strayed away from that leftist plantation by actually speaking the truth about such things as religion, ObamaCARE, etc, Candy Crowley thinks it might have been offensive. What’s offensive is the fact that Candy Crowley still has a job, even after lying to millions of Americans during the Obama-Romney debate, and fetched the transcript as Obama instructed about Benghazi. The only consultation here is that being that this was on CNN, no one saw it.

Expect more media hits on Dr. Ben Carson in the coming weeks. Dude speaks the truth and the leftist media hates it.