Your tax dollars at work – Obama Phone tracfone wasted over $2.2 billion – helped line the pockets of major Obama donor Carlos Slim

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obama-laughingTracfone was the major provider of those so called ‘Obama Phones’ to the so called poor over the last couple of years. Now it’s revealed that $2.2 billion of your tax dollars has been wasted on those so called Obama Phones to people who were ineligible or did not respond to certification requests. Not everyone is a loser on this though. Tracfone makes an estimated $10 per phone for the ‘poor people.’ Big Obama/Democrat donor Carlos Slim, got to line his pockets with your tax dollars from this $2.2 billion waste. The world’s richest man is Carlos Slim, he has an estimated net worth of $70 billion and just so happens to own a controlling stake in TracFone.


Nearly half of the six million people who received free cell phones and communication services through the government-funded Lifeline program last year apparently were ineligible or did not respond to certification requests, a new report shows.The U.S. government spent about $2.2 billion on the program last year alone, reports the Wall Street Journal, which conducted a review of the program’s funding.