Four Camarillo High School students suspended for daring to chant ‘U.S.A.’ and wearing red, white and blue bandanas during a basketball game

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democrat-logoHow dare they! Four Camarillo High School students had the nerve and the audacity to chant ‘USA! USA! USA!’ and wear red, white and blue bandanas during a basketball game. So what happens? They get suspended from school! That’ll show them! Why the suspension by Camarillo High School? Oxnard Union School District superintendent Gabe Soumakian and Camarillo High School principal Glenn Lipman felt that the students’ actions might have had ‘racist’ undertones since the schools have large Hispanic student populations. Take a look at the group chanting. Doesn’t exactly look like your typical Northeastern lily white crowd:

We’ve come so far as a nation under Obama and Marxist Democrat rule haven’t we? Chanting USA! USA! USA! is now a suspend-able offense. Imagine that we live in a country where ‘educators’ take offense and suspend students for daring to chant USA! USA! USA! while so called ‘educators’ call murderer Chris Dorner a ‘super-hero’ and his killing spree ‘exciting.’

How is it ‘racist’ to chant USA! USA! USA!? This is the country we live in, there is nothing racist about it. I’m really getting sick and tired of this political correctness crap, and especially the Marxist ‘educators’ that have infested our schools everywhere. Camarillo is just north of Los Angeles.