Sick leftist gizmo01942 who created the shoot NRA president game is making a new one called ‘Class Warfare,’ with Adam Lanza shooting up kids at Sandy Hook Elementary School

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square-large-looneyRemember last month when this leftist clown named gizmo01942 released a game called ‘Bullets to the Head of the NRA?’ In that game, you could ashoot at NRA President David Keene and Vice President Wayne LaPierre. Aside from Fox News, it got hardly any media coverage because it fit the left wing agenda. Now, the same leftist assclown gizmo01942 is working on another game called ‘Class Warefare.’ This game will allow you to be Adam Lanza, and shoot up elementary school kids in a simulation of Sandy Hook Elementary. Gizmo01942’s ‘Class Warfare’ aims to ‘recreate the tragic events that happened in Newtown Connecticut using a video game.’ The game will virtually recreate the building, classrooms and even students from Sandy Hook. Gizmo01942nifty claims he is making this game for a ‘nifty sociological experiment.’

Gizmo01942, responding to another post writes, “I’ll definitely have child death screams, but no tutorials,” and plans to include “clear and offensive references to autism.” The implication here is that the gamer “plays” as Adam Lanza — the Sandy Hook murderer.

The anonymous author has made his reasoning for creating the game clear: “I’m doing this as my own way to deal with the events, and releasing only because it will entertain you guys, and any controversy it generates will serve as a nifty sociological experiment.”

Liberalism is truly a mental disorder.