Hit the road hack! Soledad O’Brien soon to be dumped by CNN – morning show to replaced by Erin Burnett and Chris Cuomo

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cnn-logoRAAAAAAAACIST! Old CNN hack Soledad O’Brien is about to get her walking papers from CNN according to the New York post. Her morning show ‘Starting Point’ will either be replaced by a new show, or a show of the same name with Erin Burnett and Chris Cuomo (brother of New York Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomp.) Where will SoleDUD end up spewing her race baiting BS? Wanna bet MSNBC picks her up off the ground when CNN finally ‘officially’ kicks her to the curb?

We’re told award-winning journalist O’Brien has indicated she is ready to leave after she was initially promised a plum prime-time slot, but that role has so far failed to materialize.

A source tells us: “The deal to move Erin to the morning alongside Chris Cuomo is basically done. Soledad had been told she’d get a prime-time slot, but that hasn’t yet happened, and now she is telling friends she is likely to leave.”

Why would CNN even consider giving this washed up hack a prime time slot? Aren’t their ratings low enough already?