Leftists think women can’t defend themselves with guns, so will they use assault whistles, pee and call boxes in military combat?

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barrelofgunOver the past few days, we’ve heard several Colorado Democrat loons offer suggestions to women who might dare want to protect themselves from rapists with a gun. Joe Salazar says women who ‘Feel Like They’re Going to be raped’ should use ‘safe zones,’ call boxes and whistles to protect themselves instead of ‘popping’ someone with a gun. University of Colorado Springs offers 10 tips if you are attacked by a rapist which includes ‘passive resistance,’ ‘urinating’ and vomiting on a rapist instead of a gun. Then you had another Colorado Democrat Rep. named Paul Rosenthal who suggested women use ‘the buddy system’ instead of guns to protect themselves. Finally, you had Colorado Democrat State Senator Jesse Ulaberri saying women don’t need to defend themselves with guns, they should use ‘ballpoint pens’ instead. So what does this mean for Leon Panetta’s lift of the ban on women in combat in the military?

So like are women supposed to use assault whistles in military combat now? How about urination on enemy combatants? I don’t think there are any call boxes on the battle field. Or maybe these women should just use ballpoint pens to go after the enemy. Leftists are such hypocrites.