Obama’s propaganda of using DC firefighters as props violated department regulations

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goofy-hussein-obamaEarlier reports of three DC area local firefighters facing possible disciplinary action after appearing with Obama during a propaganda session on his sequestration were not true. However, this did violate department regulations, and these three individuals could have faced disciplinary action. One of the firefighters who appeared with Obama was disciplined last year for daring to wear a uniform with an outdated logo. But like David Gregory, these individuals will get special treatment because it serves Obama’s cause and nothing will happen.

The department released the following statement Friday night:
Contrary to reports in local media, the DC Fire and EMS Department is not considering any disciplinary action against uniformed personnel for appearing alongside President Obama. At the request of the Deputy Mayor for Public Safety and Justice, DC FEMS is simply reviewing its internal protocols for such appearances to ensure that both the Department and its employees are fully informed.
We fully support the efforts of President to highlight the essential and life saving work that our first-responders do every single day, and welcome his invitation for our members to participate. We’re exceedingly proud of the men and women that wear the DC FEMS uniform, and thank the President for his support.