Another ESPN racist! Michael Wilbon says Seth MacFarlane hosted Oscars because They got tired of famous black people — affirmative action Academy Awards for whites (Audio)

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abcRemember ESPN racist Rob Parker whining about Robert Griffin III not being ‘cornball brother‘ because he has a white girlfriend and is a Republican? Well, meet the latest black ESPN racist: Michael Wilbon. This is some fat, Chicago race hustling leftist who is on ABC and ESPN’s NBA telecasts (for whatever reason.) You would think Wilbon would love Seth MacFarlane for his bashing of the Christian right last night and his stupid cartoon Family Guy that bashes conservatives on a regular basis. But since MacFarlane is an evil whitey, Michael Wilbon didn’t like him. You see, according to Wilbon, the academy must have gotten tired off ‘famous black people’ so they let MacFarlane host instead. Wilbon goes on to say that it was kind of like affirmative action for white people to let Macfarlane host. Funny, Wilbon doesn’t mention how Mooch Obama hijacked the awards last night to announce the best picture award. I will admit I agree with Wilbon that MacFarlane did suck, but this race hustling BS is beyond old, tired and pathetic. Listen to Michael Wilbon’s racist rant on the The Tony Kornheiser Show:

ESPN is owned by Disney which owns ABC who televised the awards last night.