Oh the horror! $85 billion in sequestration cuts this year yet illegal immigrants will cost $87 billion this year – notice the problem?

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obamas_fly_2My guess on the so called ‘horrible’ and ‘draconian’ spending cuts set to start on Friday is that the Republicans will do what they do best. Republicans will cave on the sequester and either kick the can down the road for a few more months or just kill the cuts all together to try and appear more ‘moderate.’ If by some coincidence that doesn’t happen and sequestration actually does occur after Friday (and stays), then it will cut a measly $85 billion from this year’s spending budget. Even with those ‘draconian’ cuts, this fiscal year will see more money spent than fiscal year 2012. If the Republicans must insist on offsetting the sequestration cuts by cutting something else, how about just cutting all benefits to illegal immigrants in this country? That costs about $87 billion in tax dollars per year. Cut that, and ditch the $85 billion in sequestration cuts. See how easy it is? All American citizens win!