Anti semitic Chuck Hagel confirmed as U.S. defense secretary – four Republicans (including Rand Paul) vote to confirm

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chuck-hagel-jew-haterDespite Chuck Hagel’s hidden treasures (that the media has no interesting in finding out), despite Hagel’s ntisemitism and despite Hagel’s absolutely embarassing confirmation hearing, Republicans did what they do best. They caved, and allowed Hagel to be confirmed, first allowing cloture, then actually voting in favor of confirmation. Rand Paul who was all big talk before the Hagel confirmation about how horrible HAgel is decided to pull a Ron Paul and voted to confirm the anti-Semite. The other worthless RINOs who voted to confirm Hagel (although it really wouldn’t have mattered after cloture since he only needed 50 votes) were Thad Cochran of Mississippi, retiring RINO Mike Johanns of Nebraska and former Democrat turned RINO Richard C. Shelby. The inept Hagel sailed through cloture this time with a 71-27 vote, absolutely unbelievable considering how inept Hagel is. Among the Republicans voting for cloture: Orrin Hatch, Lamar Alexander, Jeff Flake, John Thune, Kelly Ayotte, John McCain and even Lindsey Graham who made Hagel his bitch during the confirmation hearing. In Iran, they are dancing in the streets.

Now Leon Panetta can retire to his walnut farm in California.