Rahmville – As of February 23, Chicago has had 57 homicides and 243 shot despite strictest gun laws in the country

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rahm-emanuel-3Ah yes, Chicago. Home of Rahm Emanuel, Barack Obama (when he’s not president), Louis Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson, Bill Ayers, Rev. Wright, and at one time Al Capone. Chicago likes to claim how tough their guns are, and how ‘tough’ Rahm Emanuel is on crime. Despite all that, there have been 243 people shot so far and 57 dead as of February 23. Looks like those strict gun laws are really working out well in Chicago huh? Among the shooting victims so far include a 16 year old teen critically wounded and a 15 year old on the South Side of Chicago.

Just more prove that gun laws don’t work. Gangbangers and criminals will get their weapons no matter how much the governemnt tries to restrict law abiding citizens from keeping and bearing arms.