Loony Democrat Strategist Zerlina Maxwell gets offended at Sean Hannity for suggesting women arm themselves for self-defense – tells men just don’t rape (Video)

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democrat-logoI don’t know if Democratic Strategist Zerlina Maxwell is from Colorado or not. She sure sounds like a lot of Colorado Democrats making such stupid suggestions to women to protect themselves from rapists. We’ve heard anything from peeing on, vomiting on, using ball point pens, or just being ‘passive’ from Colorado Democrats instead of a woman having a gun to protect herself. But Zerlina Maxwell may have outdone them all tonight, getting offended at Sean Hannity for suggesting women should have guns for protection. Zerlina Maxwell had a better idea. Just tell men not to rape woman. Yea, I’m sure that’s really going to help. The topic came up while discussing arrogant Colorado State Senator Evie Hudak telling a rape survivor named Amanda Collins who used gun to defend herself that ‘Statistics Aren’t On Your Side.’

Since Zerlina Maxwell actually thinks telling people not to do something will work, could we tell terrorists to stop killing in the name of Jihad? Can we tell bank robbers to stop robbing banks? How about telling gangbangers to quit shooting people? I’m sure they will listen because Zerlina Maxwell says rapists will listen if you tell rapists not to rape.